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Message from the Principal...

Bienvenue à Jeanne Sauvé!

We believe that every student wants to be successful. All of your teachers at Jeanne Sauvé are here to help you achieve your goals.  

Here are some tips to achieving success:

  • Come to school every day, after a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast.
  • Arrive at your classes with all the materials you need to participate fully.
  • Be ready to start your lessons on time.
  • Participate in the lesson by listening attentively, helping others in your group, asking or answering questions and working on the assignment in front of you.
  • Ask for help right away when you find the lesson difficult.
  • Do your homework or review your work each evening in a comfortable, quiet place.
  • Get involved in school activities - choir, sports, clubs, drama, leadership.
  • Volunteer to assist a teacher, the custodian, or the secretary.
  • Tell your family what you are doing at school.  Teach them French words.
  • Speak French whenever you can.

Success happens one day at a time.  The key to success is to plan to be successful each and every day.  Use your Student Organizer to help you plan and organize your time so you can reach your goals.  It gives you a place to record your daily homework and plan ahead to prepare for tests and projects.  By using your student organizer effectively, you will always know what is going on and be ready to participate.

Enjoy your year at Jeanne Sauvé!

Robyn Scheubel