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Programs / Activities

Codes of Conduct

Code for Players:

  1. Play the game for the game's sake.
  2. Be generous in winning.
  3. Be graceful in losing.
  4. Be obedient to the rules.
  5. Work for the good of the team.
  6. Accept gracefully the decision of the officials.
  7. Believe in the honesty of your opponents.
  8. Conduct yourself, at all times, with honour and dignity.
  9. Recognize and applaud the efforts of your teammates or opponents regardless of differences, including colour, creed or race.

Code for Coaches:

  1. The game is a game for happiness.
  2. The rules of the game are to be regarded as mutual agreements, the spirit of which no one should try to break.
  3. Visiting teams and spectators are the honoured guests.
  4. No advantages, except those of superior skill, are to be sought over others.
  5. Officials and opponents are to be regarded and treated as honest in intention.
  6. Decisions of officials, no matter how unfair they may seem, are to be accepted without outward appearance of vexation.
  7. To win is desirable. But to win at any cost defeats the purpose of the game.
  8. Losing can be a triumph when the best has been given.
  9. The greatest good to the greatest number is the ideal.
  10. The Golden Rule in sport is to treat others as you, yourself, would like to be treated.

Note: from Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations

Code for Spectators:

  1. Remember that children play organized sports for their own fun. They are not there to entertain you, and they are not miniature professional athletes.
  2. Be on your best behaviour. Do not harass players, coaches or officials.
  3. Applaud good players by your own team and the visiting team.
  4. Show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them, there would be no game.
  5. Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake.
  6. Condemn the use of violence in all forms.
  7. Respect the official’s decisions.
  8. Encourage players always to play according to the rules.

Note: from Fair Play Codes for Children in Sports (Canada Council on Children and Youth)