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French Immersion Registration




The French Immersion program offered at Jeanne Sauvé is open to all students in Year 2 (Senior) Kindergarten.  If you want your child to develop a high proficiency and fluency in Canada’s two official languages, French Immersion has a great deal to offer. 

Features of the French Immersion Program:

  • Development of French Language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing from Grades one to twelve
  • Designed to be a second-language program for children who's first language is NOT French
  • Current enrollment is over 2,000 elementary students
  • Certificate of French Immersion Studies awareded upon successful completion of the elementary and second immersion programs
  • Opportunity of challenge the Diplôme d’études de langue française (DELF) exam in Grade 11 or 12
  • Promotes understanding of different cultures
  • Provides additional opportunities for employment using french as the working langugage
  • Increased ability to communicate and interact with confidence in French


On-line registration is closed.  Parents interested in the program should email the school at jsv@dsbn.org.  Requests for registration will not be taken over the telephone. 


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