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Jeanne Sauvé Academic Logo Concept

Jeanne Sauvé Logo

Please note: The Jeanne Sauvé logo may not be displayed or used in any manner by any other individual, organization, or other entity without the written consent of the principal, or designate.

This concept features a form that mimics the points of a crown with two large oval discs nestled into the valleys of the shape. The form is also meant to depict two people coming together and rising to meet in the middle at a higher point. Under the shape, lays a banner that displays the three words (in French) selected to represent the driving values of the school - Communauté (Community), Excellence and Responsablilité (Responsibility).

This image depicts a crown -- the three points and two “jewels” meant to convey the sense of history and regal nature of its namesake. It also represents a duality that works together for a better outcome -- the “hands” that reach up together are higher than those which are not connected.

During her time as Governor General of Canada, Jeanne Sauvé chose to promote issues of youth, world peace and national unity. The image is meant to represent each of these themes. The figures of the people are meant to show the success of populations who work together. It is meant to evoke the spirit of partnership and cooperation that comes through understanding new languages and different cultures. The image is meant to show the royal link that Mme Sauvé provided in her role in Canada, as well as the exuberance and fun that students can expect in the learning environment (they are high fiving!).

This image uses the school colours which were selected from the official Coat of Arms of Mme Jeanne Sauvé, given to her by the Canadian Heraldic Authority, which is governed by the Governor General of Canada (and was created by a Royal Letters Patent in 1988 during her time as vicereine). The colours are also the primary colours of the spectrum, appealing to a young audience and providing a bold and simple colour palette for future visual identity pieces.